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16th September 2012
Staples Center
Los Angeles, California
Eddie Van Dorn
The newly crowned second WWA Champion and Best of the Best tournament winner will look to leave LEGACY as the Undisputed Champion when he faces the Co-WWA Champion, the Undefeated John Dionysus.
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  • Mustang Charlie @ 5th October 2012: You know, I am REALLY getting tired of waiting for my match with them girls.
  • General Mayhem @ 5th October 2012: Row, row, row, your boat... what? Did I miss a rehearsal?
  • Ethan Archer @ 5th October 2012: And we'll just keep re-tweeting it forever just because!
  • Eddie Whisky @ 5th October 2012: Yes it goes on and on my friends...
  • Dr. Slash Hayes @ 5th October 2012: This is the tweet that never ends...
  • TyDezno @ 26th September 2012: Looking forward to showing my opponents why they call me... the MARK of PERFECTION
  • TyDezno @ 26th September 2012: Finally get to step foot in the WWA with my first title shot every
  • Drew Rosen @ 13th September 2012: Oh no. Stoney's mad. Time to get my Palomino a basket of cookies and other desserts. #TeamFriendship
  • RJ Stone @ 9th September 2012: All right, now I'm pissed. #thisisgonnagetugly
  • Drew Rosen @ 5th August 2012: I award Showtime 173 points, and Jim Black 2 points.
  • Jim Black @ 5th August 2012: Well Showtime, I'm a wrestler, not Colin Mochrie.
  • Showtime @ 5th August 2012: Dammit Jim! You screwed up the punchline!
  • ReBorn @ 5th August 2012: Kinda rhymes with asssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!
  • Jim Black @ 5th August 2012: And I will just as much fun when I get my hands on Kash; Something something something something; kinda rhymes with 'ass'!
  • ReBorn @ 5th August 2012: Kinda rhymes with asssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!
  • Showtime @ 5th August 2012: Oooohhh... next week I fight Drew Rosen, and it will be fun, by heck! When I get him the ring I'll break his &%$#ing neck!
  • Drew Rosen @ 4th August 2012: Does this mean you're gonna have Ryan Stiles and do a hoedown before the match what with all that improvisation?
  • RJ Stone @ 31st July 2012: Which band t-shirt will look better with the REAL WWA title on my shoulder? #Helpmeout
  • Drew Rosen @ 31st July 2012: "Starting next underground, people are gonna bleed." Oh Jim Jam. You don't know what that means for me to hear you say that.
  • Showtime @ 6th July 2012: I think you mean: House that Showtime built. Our names sound similar.
Posted By Josh L in WWA News on 1st October 2012
The WWA is closed.

Thank you for stopping by. The WWA is closed.




































Posted By Ty Dezno in WWA News on 26th September 2012
Rising from the Ashes

We received word from WWA Management that a new wrestling star, TyDezno is on his way to the federation to shape the future of wrestling forever. Its been rumored that this star will be making a huge impact and will shape the future of World Wrestling Alliance and the Wrestling Industry as a whole. 

All we were told from WWA Management is that he will be competing in the Rising Star Title Ma ... [ Read More ]

Posted By Patrick Shutt in WWA News on 11th September 2012
"19 year old rookie sensation set to make return at Legacy."

Fresh on the news of Jimmi Zion's sudden departure from the booked Legacy pay-per-view card which was beyond his control. The WWA received some shining light news that will give us all a sigh of relief just in the neck of time.

19 year old lucha libra Latina-American sensation, "Latina Fire" Go-Go Spectacular has been free from other contractual obligations, is set to take Jimmi Zion's place in the Rising Star title battle royale match at Legacy.

Go-Go couldn't com ... [ Read More ]

Posted By Patrick Shutt in WWA News on 11th September 2012
Breaking News: WWA star forced to pull out Legacy pay-per-view

Late breaking news from the wire...

Due to circumstances beyond his control. WWA Superstar, "Sky Flyin" Jimmi Zion was forced to pull out of the upcoming Legacy pay-per-view due to a family emergency that involved him having to fly back to England to be by the side of his family during this trying time.

Reports are still coming in, but it is said that Jimmi Zion's mother, Carrol Anne Zinn, had a health emergency back in Liverpool as the former multi-time Cruiserwei ... [ Read More ]

Posted By Ryan Patstone in WWA News on 15th August 2012
Stone unhappy with state of the company

Sources indicate that WWA superstar RJ Stone is currently unhappy with the state of the company. In a passionate tirade he berated many of the more established names on the roster and has urged everyone from top to bottom to start stepping up. 

In a recent run-in with Stone in his hometown of Fresno, California he allowed us to quote him as saying:

"If Dominic Whitfield isn't going to get his guys to step up, someone else is going to have to do it. And if that ... [ Read More ]

Posted By Andy S in WWA News on 12th August 2012
Could Kash be an Immortal?

WWA-ONLINE.COM has long questioned the sanity and backkground of current WWA superstar Kash, with his Wicca and his weirdness, but the question now being asked is, rather bizarrely, is Kash immortal?


The question has been raised by experts trained in the art of Google who have uncovered photographs from the Victoria era which show a Victorian gentleman who either is, or looks identical to Kash himself. The photo has been proven as genuine, disproving fears ... [ Read More ]

Posted By Showtime in WWA News on 7th July 2012
WWA Road to Legacy House Show Tour Results

July 7, 2012

by Terry Valentine


WWA fans in Scottsdale, AZ sold out the Ice Den Saturday July 6. Here are some quick results:


Main Event

Kash and John Dionysus vs RJ Stone and Shaman

Neither team was all too keen to be teamed up with his partner, and in the end the match degenerated into a four-way match...

Kash ... [ Read More ]