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16th September 2012
Staples Center
Los Angeles, California
Eddie Van Dorn
The newly crowned second WWA Champion and Best of the Best tournament winner will look to leave LEGACY as the Undisputed Champion when he faces the Co-WWA Champion, the Undefeated John Dionysus.
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John Dionysus

John Dionysus
Basic Information
Nicknames N/A
Real Name N/A
Height 6'3''
Weight 255lbs
Date of Birth 17 January 1976
Home Town Boston, MA
Theme "Marche Slave" by Tchaikovsky
More Details

He kinda looks like Mike Patton.

Ring Attire

Ring attire consists of black short tights and black boots, black pads for the knees and elbows and black sweat bands on both wrists.


An indy veteran who never made it big. Self-belief combined with a number of personal problems, notably alcohol addiction, plagued his career. Dionysus is now sober and as fit as ever, desperate not to be just another wrestler.

Personality-wise he is sullen and thoughtful. Not really a trash talker or arrogant, just a vet trying to find his way in the wrestling world.


John's wrestling career is long but bears little success. He spent much of twenties in the indy scene, but was constantly battling with alcohol addiction.


2011 was his breakthrough year: he sobered up and signed for WWA in Autumn 2011. He joined at a time of instability, but had something of a star turn in the tournament held under Andy Seeley's administration.

He returned again in 2012 under the latest re-launch, but again the promises of owners failed to materialise. It looked like the WWA legacy Dionysus craved would never reach fruition. However, after discussions with Dominic Whitfield and Stu Savage, and much soul-searching, Dionysus believed he owed WWA something for being the fed that 'took a chance on him' when he was down and out. The only way he felt he could repay that debt was to become part of its 'rebirth'.

Alignment Face
Manager N/A


Other Awards
Style Striker with suplexes and slams

Move set

Striking moves

  • Running knee to the face (either after whipping opponent into the ropes or as a reversal after being whipped against ropes)
  • Headbutt
  • Knife edge chops
  • Toe kick followed by one of the following: i) right hook ii) knee lift to the face or torso iii) knee lift to the torso followed by elbow to the back of the head (this combination is often followed by Dionysus’ signature move ‘Above The Cut’)
  • Roundhouse enziguri
  • Knee drop
  • Burning lariat
  • Short-arm forearm smash
  • Punching combination (Dionysus gets his opponent into a corner and unloads a series of body shots before finishing off either a huge right hook or a uppercut)


Grappling moves

  • Fireman’s carry takeover
  • Reverse facelock forearm smash
  • Devil lock DDT
  • Hammerlock into reverse facelock backbreaker
  • Crossface chicken wing (used as a takedown ả la Lou Thesz rather than as a submission move)
  • Backdrop backbreaker (Billy Robinson style)
  • Inverted suplex
  • Fallaway slam
  • Knee smash facebreaker

Signature Moves

1) De Profundis (Over the shoulder arm trap side suplex)

2) "The Balls" (High angle spinebuster in which the opponent is driven violently onto the mat, then mounted and subjected to a severe and brutal pummelling of the face with fists and elbows).

3) Cerebral Bore (Half nelson Reverse front facelock into a reverse swinging neckbreaker. This is also a secondary finisher for opponents too big for the Event Horizon.).

Finisher Midas Touch
Finisher Description

Psycho Driver III or IV

Win/Loss Record Starting Record:
Current Record: W: 3 L: 0 D:1
Title History Undisputed Championship (2)
Other Information

Handler Information

Handled By: Jordan
Email Address: dionysus7@hotmail.co.uk